A Christmas Twofer

This Christmas I would like to offer you a special. A two for one blessing or gift!


1 A special for you.

For the next several days of early December I want to offer you the Kindle edition of Modern Parables, all 25 stories for only 99 pennies. This book could possibly help you live a wiser life financially while entertaining you with stories that will engage your heart and mind.

2 A special for others.

100% of my all my proceeds¬†between December 1st and Christmas will be donated to a charity. That’s right all my royalties will be given to others. It’s really your gift to people who need a bit of help.

Consider buying a¬†print copy as a gift! It’s under $10 and it will bless someone in need.

Just click here to order from Amazon!

Here are what others are saying about Modern Parables:

  • Excellent Short Stories about Stewardship.
  • This book is a treasure I will be sharing with many others. .
  • This book inspired me to think about my own priorities and the value I put on material things.
  • This collection of short powerful stories stimulates both the mind and heart.
  • Parables about greater freedoms than just financial ones.
  • This book gets to the heart of the matter, but in an unusual way
  • The stories or parables brought a depth to this issue I’ve not seen before

Go ahead and click the link above, help yourself and others.

Blessings to you this Christmas

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