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Why Modern Parables for Financial Freedom?

Imagine – you’re living in one of the richest countries in the world at one of the most affluent times in history but there are always five more things that you want to have.
Imagine – Your problem is you just don’t know where you’re going to put all your stuff.
Imagine – You are under a continuous assault of advertisements aimed at convincing you that you’re dissatisfied with what you have.

For many people this is reality and they are being robbed of peace and true riches.

What is Modern Parables for Financial Freedom?

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They are fun short stories that can engage your heart and drive home a point you may know with your mind but have not accepted at your core.  The book complements other management and budgeting tools, by changing your attitudes about money, which allows the reigns of a budget to fit more naturally. It offers the help you need to pursue peace in this life and a focus on the life to come.

Imagine that!

Quotes from people

like you after reading the first five stories:

  • Parables have been used by the worlds foremost teachers throughout history to lead the listener along side truth. In “Modern Parables for Financial Freedom”, Joe Tannian tells five clever stories that capture your attention and draw your heart to deep truths about money, stewardship and life with God. Questions provided for reflection/discussion makes this a great book for both personal reading and group settings. … Worship Leader.
  • There are the Dave Ramseys of the world who deal with nuts and bolts, but that isn’t where the TRUE problem lies. This book gets to the heart of the matter, but in an unusual way. If we don’t get to the heart of why we behave as we do (which is a spiritual and heart issue), it doesn’t matter how many spreadsheets, budgets or how many “how to” books we study, our success will only be temporary. It will be to no avail if we don’t correct the core issues…. I would recommend this to anyone as a 1st on their “to do” list before learning the practical steps … Loved it! …. Christian Accountant.
  • Every parable has links to the author’s blogs on the central theme of the parable. These are very good too. So, all in all, the author displays very imaginative and thought-provoking stories and questions. … much more than just … financial freedom. They are about all of life. … Author of several books.
  • I was somewhat skeptical. Having preached the financial principles of the Bible for 25 years and watched as they were roundly ignored, I wondered how yet another treatment of Jesus teachings on money could possibly be effective. But Joe’s approach to the subject might be just the right one…the Jesus approach of teaching in parables. I really enjoyed the stories, and found the discussion questions at the end of each chapter …. Retired Pastor.
  • This collection of short powerful stories stimulates both the mind
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    and heart and can provoke thoughtful discussions amongst Christians of any age or stage of life. I would love to have a small group to go through these with me and explore more deeply my own relationship with money, finances, and ponder what Jesus has to say about these matters …. Play Therapist.

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Modern Parables For Financial Freedom