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Leverage and Debt

In financial terms, leverage acts as a multiplier. It allows an individual to purchase or invest in more by borrowing. In the mechanical world, leverage can produce powerful effects. Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”


In terms of a home mortgage, envision that your monthly payments as the small force being applied to one end of a lever. That small amount of cash can produce enough lift (cash from the bank) to purchase your home.

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Why buy when we shouldn’t

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Your budget says no, but your desires say yes. In the midst of this murky push and pull of emotions, impulses, logic, and wants a decision is made.  What governs the outcome of that tug of war?

Most people’s credit card balances and contents of their closets indicate that they are losing this battle.

Why do people fail to resist these impulses?  Some really smart people have studied this subject.  Let’s listen and learn from them. The research indicates there are 3 primary points of failure. Continue reading Why buy when we shouldn’t

Justice meets Mercy

When justice meets mercy who wins? In this world it depends. In the United States, Presidents and Governors can issue a pardon and release a guilty prisoner. This is an exception though. In most governments, for justice to be just it should be blind. In theory this is good but it often limits society’s ability to exercise mercy.

In God’s kingdom we are told that mercy triumphs…

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