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Heaven the ultimate!


Please forgive me. I am a Christian. I love Jesus and follow him. However, I am a logical man and have grown up in modern America where the intelligentsia of our culture embrace naturalistic explanations and views the supernatural as myth. These smart folk have intimidated my faith at times.

Heaven is the ultimate gift Jesus gives us. It has inexplicable value. It is our real home, where love is deep and runs pure. Heaven contains beauty beyond description and joy more full than one has ever experienced. The ones we love most and fear separation from will be there before us or shortly after. But I haven’t fully experienced heaven yet, so I have let those who don’t see or know the author of creation rob me of one of the most precious aspects of that treasure in the field – heaven. Jesus, I do believe but help my unbelief. Continue reading Heaven the ultimate!

Five Perspectives on Perspectives

A few years ago, I took a course that was offered at my church. It cost some money and required a commitment. This might turn some people off but truthfully – Doesn’t most worthwhile things in life require both?  I have no regrets, and a lot of appreciation. The course was fantastic and the Lord used the course to help grow me.

Here are five real quotes from five people taking Perspectives only after five weeks. Continue reading Five Perspectives on Perspectives

Caught in the Current of Excess

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Curtesy of – by Maggie Smith

If you’re in a flowing river, you’ll likely get swept along with the current, even when you’re trying to stay put. 

 Seeing the obvious excesses can be difficult when you’re in the middle of it all. If we’ve fallen victim to these extremes, we might find ourselves defending them. Let’s look at two, which impact our finances. Continue reading Caught in the Current of Excess

Can You Learn From Others?


Are you able to learn from others?  Even when you disagree with them?

I often formulate my opinion by building a framework of truth in my mind.  When I encounter an opinion that differs from mine, I of course, immediately know the other viewpoint is wrong.  By definition they’re wrong. How could they be right if they disagree with me?  Later, I wonder why my growth has stagnated.

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Why is Envy Green?

Norasit's Gallery (NorGal)

I suspect there would be many green Americans, if envy could actually turn you green. Marketing leverages this emotion in order to generate sales. Although we might deny such marketing tricks work on us, it’s evidently working on someone, otherwise sales and marketing agencies would not employ this strategy.

An individual can become sick with envy. Some believe the color green became associated with envy because infections can actually turn green. Infection can be deadly if left untreated.  The same is true with envy.

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Losing Heart

Love Tree

‘Don’t lose heart’ Has anyone ever encouraged you with those words? You might have heard it when you were in the middle of a meaningful project and facing difficulties. On the road of life there are ventures that require long commitments and we are bound to have struggles..

In those struggles, our heart often suffer blows or hurts. When wounded we can retreat or attack. In either case, scars are left behind. After several blows, we may lose heart. Once we lose heart, typically we slowly or not so slowly abandon the project or endeavor that was originally meaningful to us.

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True Treasure

pot of golden coins collected with help of metal detector

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Matthew 13:44 NIV

Some thought he overpaid for the field. Some thought him crazy. He cared not. The joy he felt was real. Why such joy?  He knew the value of the treasure – though others may not recognize it – he did. Some said what a sacrifice. The man in joy saw not the sacrifice but the value of the treasure. He rejoiced and in his jubilance shared it with others – all he could.

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