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Peace On Earth

peace_on_earthThis Christmas, we hope you take time to catch your breath, take a step back, and stand on your head. Don’t really stand on your head but maybe stand the world on its head and see something from a new perspective.  Below is a Christmas poem from 2009. I shared it with friends and family and wanted to share it again. Hope you enjoy.

An Upside Down view

Find a king in a stable
Where the least is most able

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Joys of an Infant

A  Christmas Poem

The joys of a newborn babe are felt
Crusty cold hearts of grand folks are melt
Tender hopes and all possible dreams
Open up in an infant it seems
Even life that continues to live
Through generations a child gives

On this Christmas may we all see
the full life birthed in Jesus can be
Like joys of a babe born of our own
Faith, hope, and love within him are known
Pull him close in our arms let him lay
And newborn joys will be felt this day

Joe Tannian

Consumed too much

We lived and raised our family in a small town in New Hampshire. After living there nearly 20 years we moved and it was difficult at many levels.  My wife and I are not hoarders but savers .  Why get rid of something that is barely used? We had more stuff than I could have ever imagined. The poem that follows expresses unpleasant sentiments I experienced.


The move necessitated a cleansing.
Time and purchases had created piles;
Basement to attic and floor to ceiling.
No sense to pack it and move them miles.

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