Consumed too much

We lived and raised our family in a small town in New Hampshire. After living there nearly 20 years we moved and it was difficult at many levels.  My wife and I are not hoarders but savers .  Why get rid of something that is barely used? We had more stuff than I could have ever imagined. The poem that follows expresses unpleasant sentiments I experienced.


The move necessitated a cleansing.
Time and purchases had created piles;
Basement to attic and floor to ceiling.
No sense to pack it and move them miles.

Tis sad to see time and money put to waste. 
Earned and spent, barely used then put to trash
Was so much junk purchased in so much haste?
What once seemed so reasoned now seems so rash.


Into a dumpster just like a toilet;
I’ve consumed way too much and now am sick.
What once was eaten now heaved like vomit.
Leaving an awful taste I hope not lick.


May I not be such a gluttonous beast.
May I not choose most but more oft choose least.

One thought on “Consumed too much”

  1. You are correct in your poem that people often buy items thinking that it will make life easier for them, or items will be useful. When you need to pay for a move, one does need to reflect, is this item worth paying to be moved, how useful was it, did I use it that much? Then often we dump it! Very Reflective! Thank you, this helps to evaluate before a purchase!

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