Five Perspectives on Perspectives

A few years ago, I took a course that was offered at my church. It cost some money and required a commitment. This might turn some people off but truthfully – Doesn’t most worthwhile things in life require both?  I have no regrets, and a lot of appreciation. The course was fantastic and the Lord used the course to help grow me.

Here are five real quotes from five people taking Perspectives only after five weeks.

“Wow!” This course magnifies how BIG the Lord is and how much He loves His created peoples… and that He will go to great, intricate lengths to draw men to Himself in order to receive glory. I know that this is likely a common utterance from most students but I must say it as well… I have been reading the Bible for most of my life and these teachings are so new and fresh;…”  Jennifer, Kingsland Baptist Church

“How did I not know this?” is a question I seem to ask myself every week. This course has been life changing. I now know what God’s will is for my life and for all Christians’ lives!” Michelle, Grace Fellowship 

“So far, the class has really challenged and changed my view of missions. Understanding Matthew 24:14 and the progress of the gospel to Unreached People Groups in the last few years was very encouraging and motivating to ‘complete’ the task.”  Gary, Second Baptist Church

“After the first five lessons of Perspectives, God has used it to literally change my perspective on how I view my salvation and walk with Christ.”   Justin, Kingsland Baptist Church

“One of the biggest things I have learned is God’s glory and what that means. I have never truly understood what God’s glory is until I started my reading. Now when people pray for the glory to go to God I get what they mean!”  Summer, Second Baptist Church (high school student)

Don’t miss out – find a church in your area offering Perspectives!

Consider reading ‘After the Conference – Resolved’. It’s a short story in my book Modern Parables for Financial Freedom.  The story is about a young couple who get into a bit of a fight, after the husband over-commits to mission work in the Middle East.

The couple in this story would learn in Perspectives that their business expertise might actually be leveraged by some mission efforts.

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