Get out of Them Thorns

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You’ve received a treasure beyond comprehension. It has somehow fallen into your lap. However, its’ value in this world is questionable.  The true value is only fully recognized in another kingdom.

How might an enemy steel this treasure from you?

  • Plan A: Get you to ignore it before you realize its’ value.
  • Plan B: Get you to question its’ value through criticism.
  • Plan C: Get you to abandon it by valuing other stuff more.

This parable is found in Matthew 13

If you’re reading this post, plan A and B likely weren’t very effective. You’ve recognized its’ value and have resisted criticism.

That leaves our enemy with plan C.

Do you feel distracted with the cares of the world or enticed with the pursuit of wealth and possessions?

Wonder – wonder where that could be coming from?

Our enemy is hard at work and he has our culture responding to his bidding. We need to be vigilant. So often we are sucked into excessive concerns related to wealth and possessions. There are many avenues in the pursuit of wealth that can benefit ourselves and families. In moderation they can be healthy. In excess they will leave you spiritually famished.

Ponderings to ponder

  • Have you spent more on coffee in the last year than giving to a compassion based ministry?
  • Have you spent more time surfing Facebook than face to face helping a friend?
  • Have you spent more hours watching your favorite TV program than volunteering at your church or a non-profit?
  • Have you sat through more timeshare presentations than missionary presentations in the last 10 years?
  • Have you spent more time thinking about eating out, diets and food than your spiritual intake?

These are of course only a sampling of question. You might want to consider your own list.

Don’t feel bad.

Realize you have an enemy working against you.

You need a plan!

Three step plan:

  1. Join a healthy life group or small group that is part of your church body or community.
  2. Discuss with this life group your struggles, temptations and victories.
  3. Plan with this life group how to better serve your community, so you are less focused on self.

Don’t expect a book or any article to have the whole answer. The answer is best found through Jesus and His church, a community of believers who are sharing life together.

In my book Modern Parables for Financial Freedom you can read the ‘Woodworm Letter’, which highlights a plan of attack of our enemy. Read the reviews, many people have suggested using the book in a small group gathering.

If you have read the Woodworm Letter and liked it. You should consider C.S. Lewis’ work.  His Screwtape Letters is a classic.

The Screwtape Letters



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