Heaven the ultimate!


Please forgive me. I am a Christian. I love Jesus and follow him. However, I am a logical man and have grown up in modern America where the intelligentsia of our culture embrace naturalistic explanations and views the supernatural as myth. These smart folk have intimidated my faith at times.

Heaven is the ultimate gift Jesus gives us. It has inexplicable value. It is our real home, where love is deep and runs pure. Heaven contains beauty beyond description and joy more full than one has ever experienced. The ones we love most and fear separation from will be there before us or shortly after. But I haven’t fully experienced heaven yet, so I have let those who don’t see or know the author of creation rob me of one of the most precious aspects of that treasure in the field – heaven. Jesus, I do believe but help my unbelief.

I needed to read about the reality of heaven, by those who had been there. I do believe but needed help in my unbelief. I felt led to read a few accounts of those who had died, experienced heaven, and then returned from the dead. God has used these accounts to help my unbelief.

I read 90 Minutes in Heaven, Heaven is for Real, Descent into death, Proof of Heaven and other accounts. Most were from an evangelical Christian perspective. All expressed the glories of heaven. Let me share:

  • I was where I belonged.
  • All worries, anxieties, and concerns had vanished.
  • The gates weren’t pearl but pearlescent – perhaps iridescent..
  • Everything I saw was bright – the brightest colors my eyes had ever beheld.
  • My friends and relatives were all in front of me.
  • The closer we got, the more intense, alive, and vivid everything became.
  • My senses were even more heightened, and a I felt delirious.
  • Instead of just hearing the music … I had become part of the choir.

In this life, we see through the glass darkly. We have dim glimpses of the deeper, brighter, fulfilling aspects of heaven on this side of glory. That dim view impairs our spiritual eyes. We are indeed blind at times. We need encouragement and reassurance. I needed encouragement and reassurance. Don Piper one of the authors, who has shared his story and experience in heaven with many congregations, writes the following:

When I finish speaking, it still amazes me to see how quickly the line forms of those who want to talk to me. They come with tears in their eyes and grief written all over their faces. I feel so grateful that I can offer them peace and assurance…

These Christian, like me, needed reassurance with their own unbelief. Maybe you do too. Heaven is for real. Loving God and others is the best way to prepare for this awesome place awaiting us. If we do it right, we will get a glimpse of glory while we tread our journey here on earth. The kingdom of God is available today! Life with God is truly like a treasure in a field. As heaven becomes more real, we will realize the joy before us and the incredible value of the treasure we have in Jesus – even now.

Scout’s 90 Seconds of Enlightenment tries to express this in terms that even a dog would understand. Read Modern Parables for Financial Freedom and enjoy it.

Here are some links to the books mentioned above:

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90 Minutes in Heaven
Heaven is for Real


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