Seven FREE ways to Give

Hand writing Donate with marker, business conceptWould you like to bless others? Do you have a hard time paying your own bills and find it difficult? Here are a seven easy ways to be a blessing that won’t cost you!

You can actually accomplish the goals Jesus expressed in Matthew 25:36

 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

1 Give while you shop.

Do you shop at Amazon? Go to first! They give 90% of all affiliate dollars to charities. On a $100 purchase that could be a dollar or maybe as much as $9.  This month your spending at Amazon can help women and children who are being exploited.  Learn about other good causes!  They help a new charity every month.

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Joys of an Infant

A  Christmas Poem

The joys of a newborn babe are felt
Crusty cold hearts of grand folks are melt
Tender hopes and all possible dreams
Open up in an infant it seems
Even life that continues to live
Through generations a child gives

On this Christmas may we all see
the full life birthed in Jesus can be
Like joys of a babe born of our own
Faith, hope, and love within him are known
Pull him close in our arms let him lay
And newborn joys will be felt this day

Joe Tannian


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Modern Parables
for Financial Freedom

Quotes from people like you after reading the first five stories:

  • Parables have been used by the worlds foremost teachers throughout history to lead the listener along side truth. In “Modern Parables for Financial Freedom”, Joe Tannian tells five clever stories that capture your attention and draw your heart to deep truths about money, stewardship and life with God. Questions provided for reflection/discussion makes this a great book for both personal reading and group settings. … Worship Leader.
  • There are the Dave Ramseys of the world who deal with nuts and bolts, but that isn’t where the TRUE problem lies. This book gets to the heart of the matter, but in an unusual way. If we don’t get to the heart of why we behave as we do (which is a spiritual and heart issue), it doesn’t matter how many spreadsheets, budgets or how many “how to” books we study, our success will only be temporary. It will be to no avail if we don’t correct the core issues…. I would recommend this to anyone as a 1st on their “to do” list before learning the practical steps … Loved it! …. Christian Accountant.
  • Every parable has links to the author’s blogs on the central theme of the parable. These are very good too. So, all in all, the author displays very imaginative and thought-provoking stories and questions. … much more than just … financial freedom. They are about all of life. … Author of several books.
  • I was somewhat skeptical. Having preached the financial principles of the Bible for 25 years and watched as they were roundly ignored, I wondered how yet another treatment of Jesus teachings on money could possibly be effective. But Joe’s approach to the subject might be just the right one…the Jesus approach of teaching in parables. I really enjoyed the stories, and found the discussion questions at the end of each chapter …. Retired Pastor.
  • This collection of short powerful stories stimulates both the mind
    Try this inexpensive sampler of five stories

    and heart and can provoke thoughtful discussions amongst Christians of any age or stage of life. I would love to have a small group to go through these with me and explore more deeply my own relationship with money, finances, and ponder what Jesus has to say about these matters …. Play Therapist.

As We Forgive our Debtors


As a kid, I found this phrase from the Our Father a bit curious.

I first learned the prayer with the word trespasses in it,  as quoted below:

forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Although I ran through the woods quite a bit, I never violated any “No Trespassing” signs. So I thought myself quite safe.

Now a bit older I realize this portion of prayer is not so safe at all.  Augustine called it “The terrible petition. For if we utter it with an unforgiving heart, we are asking the Lord NOT to forgive us.

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Why buy when we shouldn’t

fdp_photostock_womshop Photostock

Your budget says no, but your desires say yes. In the midst of this murky push and pull of emotions, impulses, logic, and wants a decision is made.  What governs the outcome of that tug of war?

Most people’s credit card balances and contents of their closets indicate that they are losing this battle.

Why do people fail to resist these impulses?  Some really smart people have studied this subject.  Let’s listen and learn from them. The research indicates there are 3 primary points of failure. Continue reading Why buy when we shouldn’t

7 Reasons to Limit Kid’s TV

fERNSEHENIf you have kids and haven’t been regulating what goes on in your home with regards to the TV, I hope you really consider each item in the list below. If you don’t have children yet or if they’re still very young, I hope you soak up this information so you can stand firm and make informed decisions regarding your family’s TV watching.

1 Too much is Too much!

Most kids watch way too much television. Children 2-5 watch 32 hours a week. That’s a 4 day work week! 71% of 8-18 year olds have a TV in their bedrooms. It is doubtful if any real parental control is occurring in these situations. Over 66% have the television on during family meal time. So much for good family discussions around the table.

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Inspiring Hospitality

elijah-widowHer back ached and her stomach murmured, with a silent sore hunger. She straightened up with a few straggling sticks in her hand and gazed at the gate and stonewall that circled the city. Her husband crushed, repairing the very gate, she stood without. The memories of his love crammed away like the kindling she now stuffed in her satchel. The sticks would fuel a flame to feed a final meal for her only boy and perhaps her too.

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7 Steps to Create Margin

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Margin is the gap between what we’re fully capable of doing and what we are doing.  When we’re overloaded we’re operating without any margin, which will leave you depleted.  We need this open space in our lives. It is where we go to recharge our batteries, put up our feet and re-energize.

Most of us have very little margin. This produces stress, which leaves us haggard.  Make it a priority to reclaim some free space or margin in your life.

Here are 7 ideas on how to do it.

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Is a Business Servant-like?


Maybe I’m simple minded but I value businesses and the economic system, I live in. It’s not perfect, but seems better than most alternatives.

Let me explain. On a day to day basis, I’m free to buy any number of products and services. In almost all cases there is lots of competition and products that provide real choice. I’m employed by a business that pays me an agreed upon salary.  When I chose to enter the line of work that I’m in, there was information available letting me know my potential income and demand for my skills in the workplace. Continue reading Is a Business Servant-like?

Modern Parables For Financial Freedom