Peace On Earth

peace_on_earthThis Christmas, we hope you take time to catch your breath, take a step back, and stand on your head. Don’t really stand on your head but maybe stand the world on its head and see something from a new perspective.  Below is a Christmas poem from 2009. I shared it with friends and family and wanted to share it again. Hope you enjoy.

An Upside Down view

Find a king in a stable
Where the least is most able

 Forever chase and be caught
Rest to find what’s really sought
When it’s silent we can hear
Quiet is our wisdom’s ear
The more we have the more we want
The more those things begin to taunt
Beauty lies below the skin
Blindness in our eyes begin
Close our eyes to see what’s real
Dare to hurt to really heal
Become a child to be a man
Die to self; be born again


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