Saul and Jonathan

Saul and Jonathan were a father – son team whose lives both ended sadly and abruptly on the same day. It appears that Jonathan trusted his father; because of this, some speculate that Saul was a good one. The odd thing about this though, is that we discover his trust was misplaced.

Maybe he was a good dad at one point but I’m fairly certain he didn’t remain that way. As Saul traveled down the road away from God often out of expediency and self-absorption, his fatherhood suffered.

Jonathan was loyal to his dad. Does a loyal son make a dad a good father or is it more of a statement about the son? How about wanting good things for your son?  Saul wanted to insure he passed his kingdom onto his son.

What an awesome desire! The problem though, it was the wrong type of kingdom he wanted to pass on and it was a kingdom God had given to someone else. Wealth, prestige, kingship and his own name were the key elements he desired to bequeath.

In this desire, he lied about David and tried to kill him multiple times. Jonathan had come to terms with David’s future role as king, even though for him that meant stepping aside. However, Saul never came to terms with it – he coveted what David had and wanted it for himself and his son. Saul was trying to pass on a kingdom to his son, more to satisfy himself than his son who loved David.

We can learn a lesson here. If you’re a dad or mom, what type of kingdom are we trying to pass on?  Are you working hard to provide a perfect beautiful home, a perfect healthy life, or a perfect educational upbringing? These are all good things if kept in the right perspective. However, if we are living too much in the here and now, we might discover we have worked too hard like Saul passing on the wrong type of Kingdom.

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