Seven FREE ways to Give

Hand writing Donate with marker, business conceptWould you like to bless others? Do you have a hard time paying your own bills and find it difficult? Here are a seven easy ways to be a blessing that won’t cost you!

You can actually accomplish the goals Jesus expressed in Matthew 25:36

 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

1 Give while you shop.

Do you shop at Amazon? Go to first! They give 90% of all affiliate dollars to charities. On a $100 purchase that could be a dollar or maybe as much as $9.  This month your spending at Amazon can help women and children who are being exploited.  Learn about other good causes!  They help a new charity every month.

2 Bless those in prison.

Jesus asks us to visit those in prison. You can do it through the mail! If you enjoy writing and would like to pour into someone else, write a prisoner. Check out

3 Donate your labor.

First check with your church. They might be looking for help. If not check out  Enter your town and either browse or search for people who are looking for help in areas where you are skilled. You are likely to meet people with similar skills and passions. Make a new friend and invest in a relationship while you bless others.

4 Clean a closet for charity.

Most people these days have more things than they know what to do with. Clean a closet and have a throw away bag, give away bag and a put back in your closet pile.  Throw away your trash. Put the clothes you like and fit you back in the closet. Take the give away bag to Goodwill or other charitable organization. There are many  that will take your good used clothes or other odds and ends.  Many of these will give you a receipt that will help you reduce your taxes.

5 Feed the hungry while you play.

Want to improve your vocabulary? Want to play a game and help feed the hungry while you do it?   Visit which helps feed those that are going without. If you prefer geography, math, humanities or other subject, you can change it to what interests you most.

6 Prevent breast cancer with a click

By simply clicking on a tab and viewing an ad you can help less fortunate women with a mammogram.  Try going to

7 Help Children with a click

You can choose several different organizations. Compassion International might be your choice or maybe another charity.  Just a click will do it when your at

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